3i Philosophy


We believe that every individual is the center of all interactions – social, commercial and otherwise, a powerhouse of enormous possibilities.If this powerhouse of possibilities is molded and directed towards a proper goal there could be nothing that the individual cannot achieve. At Roots, we mold an individual to realize his/her full potential. By instilling in them right behaviors, right beliefs and right skill set required by the industry, we make them ready for the corporate world.At Roots, the student is not only shown a dream but is empowered to realize it.


The responsibility to create future leaders who are capable of bringing innovation and change to businesses and the society as a whole rests with the institution. Roots is an institution that aims to create such young & talented leaders. With the best of faculty and curriculum that matches industry standards, we strive to create a holistic learning environment that inspires students to think beyond the ordinary, and rise to the challenges of the modern world.The classroom atmosphere at Roots widens horizons of learning and knowledge with the constant health of experienced faculty.Students understand to learn and utilize this knowledge.


Industries need nontechnical skills like Business acumen and trade techniques as much as they need technical skills. Industrial progress holds the key to the progress of the nation. Industries need talented and motivated individuals with sound education and a lofty vision to excel. Creating such individuals is our guiding philosophy at Roots.Good managers, admin heads, negotiators, public relation personnel are as much in need of engineers and mechanical heads.Roots is one such institute to churn out the best minds.