What is ACCA?

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a UK based globally recognized professional qualification for a career in finance, accounting and management. ACCA was founded in the year 1904.

Is ACCA qualification internationally Recognized?

It is a global professional body, it is recognized by 181 countries across the world, including India. ACCA has over 7000 approved employers.

Which course at Roots Collegium is integrated with ACCA?


What you mean by embedded / integration with ACCA?

In the above mentioned course, the ACCA papers are integrated in the regular syllabus. Students need not study any content outside their prescribed syllabus. They will be preparing for a Professional Body exam alongside their regular graduation.

What is the benefit I get if I do integrated course in this college/ How it is different from other institutes?

 In house training
 Saves time
 Saves money
 Students get Exemptions for ACCA Exams up to 5 papers.

How many papers are ADD ON in the B.COM – GENERAL & FOREIGN TRADE From Roots Collegium?

13 papers leading to ACCA Affiliate

How many papers are exempted?

5 papers of ACCA are exempted

Why one should do ACCA along with graduation?

 Students can pursue this along with their graduation because its flexible examinations make this qualification more attractive.
 Students pursuing ACCA can: earn a Diploma/Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business and go on to earn an ACCA Member status.
 ACCA has huge job opportunities in India and abroad with high pay scales.

Is ACCA valid in India?

Yes, it is approved by many employers in India and abroad. Even Big and medium size Indian companies also approve the qualification. There are colleges and Universities conducting this programme since many years.

Where can I find the list of Accredited Universities and Colleges for ACCA?

Who can join this course? What is the eligibility criteria?

Anyone who had studied English and Accountancy/Mathematics at their +2 level or equivalent can join the course.

What are the subjects/papers in ACCA qualification?

Fundamentals Knowledge Level
 Accountant in Business (AB)
 F2 Management Accounting
 F3 Financial Accounting

Fundamentals Skills Level
 F4 Corporate and Business Law
 F5 Performance Management
 F6 Taxation
 F7 Financial Reporting
 F8 Audit and Assurance
 F9 Financial Management

Professional Level
 Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
 Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
 Advanced Performance Management (APM)

What are the different qualifications I can get from pursuing ACCA?

Upon successfully clearing below 3 papers of SKILL Level –
 Financial Reporting (FR)
 Audit and Assurance (AA)
 Financial Management (FM)

Upon successfully clearing below 4 papers of PROFESSIONAL Level –
 Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
 Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
 Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Students will be awarded ACCA Affiliate

When and where I can write ACCA exam?

ACCA exams can be given in the following months –
 March
 June
 September
 December
There are over 500 exam centers offering ACCA exams across the globe. You can use exam planner in ACCA official website to find out what exams you can take and where.

Is it computer-based exams?

Yes. They are CBE (Computer Based Exams).

Is the exam center available in my city?

Yes , you can write nearby center.

Do I have to write exam in the specific exam centre?

No, you can write from anywhere in the world

How do I come to know when to book exam? Who will book exam?

You will get Myacca account where you will get all information. Time to time reminder emails will be sent from ACCA and ISDC. You yourself have to book exam through Myaccaa account.

Can I put ACCA after my Name?

Once you have completed your ACCA qualification by passing your exams, along with three years’ practical experience and the Ethics and professional skills module, you will be invited to become an ACCA member. You will be able to use the ‘ACCA’ letters after your name.

Is ACCA is having signing authority in India?

a) You can’t sign the balance sheet of an organisation as Auditor, but as a CFO you can certainly sign.
b) You cannot practice on your own as an independent auditor but you can certainly be a self-employed tax consultant. However even in this case too the ACCA member cannot sign the balance sheet in India.

Who will train us?

College faculty for exempted papers and College faculty + experts from ISDC for all Non-Exempted Papers.

What is the passing marks?


Is the exam is multiple type?

It has MCQs, OTQs and descriptive type questions. Varies in case of Professional papers. You can get the details of specimen question papers in Specimen question papers of ACCA. Link below –

If I cannot complete ACCA exams will I get Bcom degree?

Yes. ACCA exams nothing to do with bcom

If I don’t write ACCA exams during my UG study time can I write it later?

Yes, you can write within 10 years of registration to ACCA. To get exemption fee waiver benefit you need to attempt at least one exam during the course.

If I shift my college after 1 or 2 years on student exchange program can I get the benefits of exemption?

No. You have to produce the degree certificate from the accredited university or accredited college only.

Iam already registered with ACCA. Can I join the course now?

You can join the course. You will get the benefit of exemption, but you need to pay exemption fee. Your account should be active or in inactive you need to activate.

Is it compulsory to complete work experience to qualify as ACCA?

Yes, to get membership you need to complete 36 months PER (Professional Experience Requirement). But you can start working as ACCA affiliate once you clear ACCA examination for all papers.

What is PER requirement? Is it necessary that we need to work only under ACCA member?

No you can work in any organisation in a specific mentioned in the PER requirement. Some companies register themselves with ACCA or you need to get your signing head registered with ACCA to endorse your experience.

How to get BSc from Oxford Brooks University? Is it included in this program?

No it is not part of this program. But you can register yourself with Oxford Brooks University before taking up your first exam for ACCA.

Does ISDC guarantee placement?

No, But ACCA supports through its job portal. There will be lot of opportunities if you complete the course.

What are the different job roles will I get after completing ACCA?

Partial list of job roles are below –
• Corporate Finance Manager
• Analyst
• Financial Reporting Manager
• Budgeting Analyst
• Treasurer
• Controller
• Finance Director
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Which is better CA or ACCA?

Both are professional qualifications.
If you look for corporate job you have better scope in ACCA, if you want work as auditor in India you need to do CA.
Because of the global presence ACCA attracts more job opportunities