Entrepreneur Club

We at ROOTS, proudly claim,” Give us the young and novice minds, we give back to the world its business masterminds”. The students, through various activities like Acubiz, Start-up Melas, Business Plans, Mock Stock Exchange, AD Mela, Business Quiz etc., learn the intricacies of Business trade, before venturing into their own. To quote, it is said, “I always want two strings to my bow, but then I prefer two bows of the sort”. Here in Roots, the student is equipped with multiple bows of the sort before they set their feet into the open world to chase their ambitions. The entrepreneur club acts as a launch pad to the young prospective entrepreneurs owing to the intensive guidance given by the well informed Club mentors. The club strategically invites professionals and experts from various fields and also Masters of various trades and business establishments to interact with the students on a weekly or fortnightly basis to share a one to one experience. This way the students learn the intricacies of the trade. The students are diligently encouraged to be a part of these interactive sessions.