Film Club

Through Film Club, Roots provides young people with an opportunity for meaningful engagement with films. They are exposed to varied film-related resources, for them to get involved with programming, reporting, reviewing, and filmmaking.

Interested students get a chance, especially those who aspire to carve a niche by pursuing their passions, in the creative field and choose alternative careers in the various areas of filmmaking, from Scriptwriting to editing to directing.

Film club at ROOTS in the past has proven to foster social development, as well as improving interpersonal relationships between club leaders and young people. Film Club provides a safe space for young people to grow, flourish and gain confidence as well as creating a sense of unity across age ranges, social classes and ethnicities through a shared appreciation of the film. In these days of social media mania, students trained in filmmaking and related fields show great enthusiasm in putting forth the issues of social cause across to the tremendous viewership all called the netizens.