Roots BBA

At Roots Collegium, we are committed to shaping the future of business leaders through innovative and industry-relevant programs. Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a specialization in Business Analytics is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed to excel in the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making.

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Why Choose BBA in Business Analytics?

In today's data-centric business landscape, professionals who can harness the power of data are in high demand. Our BBA in Business Analytics program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles while immersing them in the world of data analytics. By choosing this program, you will gain a competitive edge, as it combines traditional business education with cutting-edge data analytics techniques, preparing you for a wide range of career opportunities in various industries.

Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cover a broad spectrum of subjects, ensuring that you acquire a well-rounded education. You will delve into core business disciplines such as marketing, finance, and management, while also mastering the intricacies of data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Our courses are taught by experienced faculty who bring real-world insights into the classroom, ensuring that you are prepared to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape.

Hands-On Learning

At Roots Collegium, we believe that experiential learning is essential. That's why our BBA in Business Analytics program includes hands-on projects, case studies, and internships with leading organizations. You will have the opportunity to apply your analytical skills to real-world business problems, giving you a competitive advantage upon graduation.

Career Opportunities

With a BBA in Business Analytics from Roots Collegium, you will be well-positioned for a wide range of career opportunities. Whether you aspire to work in data analysis, business intelligence, marketing research, or strategic consulting, our program will prepare you for success. Our graduates have gone on to excel in various industries, and we have a strong alumni network to support your career journey.

Flexibility and Convenience

We understand the importance of flexibility in today's fast-paced world. Our program offers flexible scheduling options, including part-time and online courses, allowing you to balance your education with other commitments. This ensures that you can pursue your degree at your own pace without compromising on quality.


The BBA in Business Analytics at Roots Collegium is your gateway to a rewarding career in the world of data-driven decision-making. Join us to gain a solid foundation in business fundamentals and cutting-edge data analytics techniques. Prepare to stand out in a competitive job market and shape the future of business with the power of data. Your journey starts here.